Illusions and Dead Things

Stuff so Far

(To be fleshed out later)

Arumeaus was summoned to help find what happened to Sumgai!
He had The Abhorsen help!
They were teleported to a cave full of Undead, Aberrations, and Constructs!
They found a big pile or treasure!
A lady offered to teleport them to her master who owned the treasure!
They did!
They talked to Vinues, who is really a Dragon of the Great Game!
He gave them a message in a bottle!
The Abhorsen ditch the quest!
The ballistic gnome appeared!
The gnomes went to deliver the message to where they thought it should go!
They were impeded by eladrin and frost giants!
Now they’re in the center of an iceberg with someone yelling at them!


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